2019 FEANTSA Policy Conference - FEANTSA at 30: Towards 2030

30-31 May 2019: Porto, Portugal

English program | French Program | Portuguese program

Registrations closed

Thursday 30th May - Pre-conference program: Site visits and Working Spaces


Conference delegates had the choice of a series of events including site visits to view services for people experiencing homelessness in Porto or to attend a working space touching on a wide range of topics including:

  • Housing First Europe Hub
  • LGBTIQ Training
  • Protection of homeless mobile citizens' rights
  • Social Inclusion Games
  • Opportunities for Pro-Bono Legal Work


Friday 31st May- Main Conference  - Overview and presentations

Keynote Address: A Message For FEANTSA on your 30th Birthday

Nan Roman, President & CEO of the National Alliance to End Homelessness, United States

Panel Discussion

Chair: Freek Spinnewijn, Director FEANTSA

Workshop Stream I

Workshop 1:  LGBTQI Homelessness

Alex Abramovic, University of Toronto, Canada

Gary McMillan, Rock Trust, UK

Dr. Jama Shelton, True Colours United, USA

Workshop 2: Housing First and the next Frontier

Juha Kaakinen, CEO, Y-Foundation

Workshop 3: A Gender- and Psychologically Informed  Approach to tackling homelessness

Catheline Glew, st Mungo's. UK

Sophie Hansal, European  Women's Lobby  Obervatory, Austria

Workshop 4; Access to Housing for Beneficiaries of International  Protection

Alexandra Embiricos, Migration Policy Conference, Belgium

Carla Huisman, University of Delft, Netherlands

Maria Iglesias, Head of services, Praxis Community Projects, UK

Workshop 5: Using the European Structural and Investment Fund s to Tackle Homelessness 2021 - 2027

Marie Anne Paraskevas, DG  Employment, European Commission

Katerina Glumbikova, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Jitka Modlitbova, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Czech Republic 


Workshop Stream 2

Workshop 1: Ending Youth Homelessness: Building Consensus

Alison Connolly (Focus Ireland), Liese Berkmans (University of Antwerp)
Melanie Redman (President & CEO of A Way Home, Canada ),  Steve Gaetz (Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, Canada )

Workshop 2: Is more housing the answer to homelessness in Europe?

Michelle Norris, Housing Finance Agency, Ireland

Workshop 3: Improving access to palliative care and end-of-life support for people who are homeless

Dr Caroline Shulman,  Pathway Homeless Team, UK  
Hanna Klop, Expertise Centre for Palliative Care, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands  

Workshop 4: Public Perceptions of homelessness

 Eoin O'Sullivan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Aurélie Tinland, Université Aix-Marseille, France

Workshop 5: Peer Work

Kate Bowgett, Groundswell, UK 
Rui Coimbra, Associação CASO, Portugal 


Workshop Stream 3

Workshop 1:  Cities: At the heart of the fight against homelessness

Marion Giovanangeli, Ville de Paris, France

 Dr. Chris Parker, Newcastle, England

Workshop 2: Beyond the Status Quo, looking for Bold Housing Solutions for Europe’s Locked Out

Ilja Sabaj-Kjær, Homes for All, Denmark 
Andrew Bailie, Social Bite, UK 

Workshop 3: The Unconditional Right to shelter, can we make it a reality?

Sarah Coupechoux, Research Manager, Fondation Abbé Pierre, France 
Jakub Wilczek, Ogólnopolska Federacja na rzecz Rozwi?zywania Problemu Bezdomno?ci, Poland 

Workshop 4: Spotlight on Portugal

Kerstin hoffmeister?DICAD/ Administração Regional de Saúde do  Norte, Ministério da Saúde, Portugal 
Isabel Baptista, European Observatory on Homelessness, Portugal 


Workshop 5: Insights from winners of 2018 Ending Homelessnesss Prize

Anastisia Mikheeva, Frostschutzengel, Germany 
Susannah L Sonderlund, Kompasset Kirkens Korshær; Denmark 
Louise Stiernstrom, Göteborgs Stad, Sweden