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FEANTSA Health and Homelessness Study Visit to neunerhaus

(8-9 May 2023)


On the 8th and 9th of May, FEANTSA members from 7 countries gathered in Vienna under the auspices of neunerhaus for a discussion and exchange on the intersection of health and homelessness. The objectives of the visit were threefold; firstly, the discussions aimed at identifying the ways in which the homelessness sector supports people experiencing homelessness in accessing their right to healthcare. Secondly, we wanted to map health services provided by FEANTSA membership and partners. Lastly, the group’s goal was to grow the capacity of and facilitate mutual learning for participants, by sharing each organisation’s expertise around health and visiting the health centre established and run by neunerhaus.

Below you can find our report from the visit, and links to the presentations given by our members.


Study Visit Report 



IDR, Belgium

BMSZKI, Hungary

Hogar Sí, Spain

neunerhaus, Austria

Saint Brother Albert Aid Society, Poland

Modena, IT

Doctors of the World (MdM), Greece