1 & 2 June 2023 - Stockholm, Sweden

FEANTSA Forum 2023: United in Times of Crisis


Registrations Have Closed

The FEANTSA Forum will replace the Annual Policy Conference. Our annual flagship event has evolved a lot over the years and no longer represents just policy. It’s the space to discuss the latest practices, strategies, research, services and policies with homeless services, housing providers, cities, researchers, foundations, think tanks, healthcare professionals, lawyers, ministries and much more! Join the 400 delegates in Stockholm this June to discuss and be inspired on how we can end homelessness in Europe.

FEANTSA members will be invited to our General Assembly on 1 June, and registrations for the Forum on 2 June will be open for everyone in our network. The FEANTSA Forum will include leading voices in the fight to end homelessness, site visits to local services in Stockholm and over 25 breakout sessions around different topics related to homelessness.

A Note About the Venue

The FEANTSA Forum will take place at Skogshem & Wijk, Hustegavägen 1, 181 90 Lidingö, in an island in the inner Stockholm archipelago, about 45 minutes to 1 hour away from Stockholm Central Station.

We have chosen this beautiful and tranquil location to create a different atmosphere for this year's Forum to foster connections and networking. Surrounded by nature and the sea, this will provide a more retreat-like experience with plenty of opportunities to reflect on our work around ending homelessness in Europe. In addition to all the usual elements of the FEANTSA Forum, this location has a heated outdoor swimming pool, yoga room, sauna and steam rooms, nature walks, pier walks, games room, gym, frisbee golf, a small beach, table tennis, indoor golf track, complimentary coffee and tea throughout your stay, spaces for ad-hoc meetings indoors and outdoors and much more.

As organisers, we highly recommend participants to book accommodation on site, or nearby the venue, as this is a remote venue. Similarly, for the Forum dinner, participants should consider booking the Forum dinners, as there is no other restaurant within walking distance of the venue. 

Thursday 1 June 

Please note for FEANTSA members our General Assembly will take place on the morning of 1 June. Members must attend the General Assembly in order to have travel and accommodation covered.

On the afternoon of 1 June, participants are invited to join a series of working spaces which will take place in the conference venue or site visits to services across Stockholm city. While in the evening, there will be a Forum Dinner.

For Administrative Council members, please note that the AC meeting will take place at 14.30 on Thursday, 1 June. 

Friday 2 June

On 2 June, participants will participate in the main program will include a plenary panel discussion on realising our European Ambitions of Ending Homelessness. The plenary will be followed by a series of smaller breakout sessions throughout the day, which will include workshops, seminars, in conversation with and spotlights on. 

In the evening, there will also be another Forum dinner.

The working language for the Forum will be English.



Working Spaces:

Navigating the Social Impact of the Green Transition


War in Ukraine: Housing & Reception of Refugees

Simona Barbu, FEANTSA

Marcin Tylman, Foundation for Activation and Integration, Poland

Eszter Somogyi, MRI, Hungary


Insights from National Housing First Platforms

Kjell Larsson, Swedish Housing First Platform, Swedish Associations of City Missions, Sweden

Melanie Schmit, Housing First Netherlands, HF Netherlands, The Netherlands

Juha Soivio, Finnish Housing First Development Network, Y-Foundation, Finland

Mike Allen, Good Practice Platform Ireland, Focus Ireland, Ireland

Giuseppe Dardes/Abele Sangiorgio, Housing First Italia, Fio.psd, Italy


Capturing Women’s Homelessness

Lucy Campbell, London Women Rough Sleepers’ Census, UK

Sarah Lotties, BAGW, Germany


Insights from Coalitions on Youth Homelessness

An Rommel, Opgroeien & A Way Home Flanders, Belgium

Anna Marie Bourke, Irish Coalition to End Youth Homelessness, Ireland


Making the Right to Housing Tangible

Martin Kositza, BAGW, Germany

Beatriz Fernandez, Arrels Fundació, Spain


Spotlight on Loneliness and Homelessness

Maria Degerman, Y-Foundation, Finland


Spotlight on Wales

Jennie Bibbings, Shelter Cymru, Wales

Ruth Power, Shelter Cymru, Wales


In Conversation With La Cloche – The Role of Community in Combatting Homelessness

Sebastien Kfoury, La Cloche, France


In Conversaton With Sweden's Experts on Homelessness

Åsa Paborn, Spokesperson Homelessness, Swedish Association of City Missions

Pernilla Parding, Swedish City Missions

Karolina Skog, expert homelessness Stockholm City Missions and former head of investigation on


Trauma Informed Care in Practice

Boroka Feher, BMSZKI, Hungary

Tamas Gerencser, BMSZKI, Hungary

Piros Clease, BMSZKI, Hungary


Preventing Homelessness

Järvinen Mirka, ARA, Finland

Heidi Walter, A Way Home Canada


Insights and Practices in Combatting LGBTIQ Homelessness

Filip Valente Madsen, Projekt Udenfor, Denmark

Natalie Haug, Diakonie Frankfurt und Offenbach, Germany


Governing the Right to Accommodation for Asylum Seekers in Europe

Sébastien Roy, Samusocial, Belgium

Adèle Croise, Federation des Acteurs de la Solidarite, France


European Funds

Volker Busch-Geertsema, European Observatory on Homelessness

Karlis Laksevics, Housing First, Latvia


Cost of Living Crisis & Homeless Services

Jules van Dam, Tussenvoorziening, Netherlands

Karolina Więckiewicz, Habitat for Humanity Poland

Nicholas Pleace, European Observatory on Homelessness & University of York


Spotlight on Overdose Prevention and Reducing Drug Related Harm in Finland

Suvi Helle, Blue Ribbon Foundation


Spotlight on Germany 

Werena Rosenke, BAGW, Germany

Andre Riemer, Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building


In Conversation With Communications Professionals: Housing Exclusion and Responsible Communication

Andrea Jarabo, Provivienda, Spain


For Profit Homeless Services

Albert Sales, Pompeu Fabra University, Spain

Marcus Knutagård, Lund University, Sweden


Research on Homelessness: National Strategies and Models of Prevention

Eoin O’Sullivan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Peter Mackie, University of Cardiff, Wales


Rolling Evaluations of services

Alex Abramovich, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, Canada

Lisa O'Brien, Focus Ireland


Fundraising v. Advocacy: How do we align messaging around homelessness?

Mike Allen, Focus Ireland, Ireland

Kjell Larsson, Swedish Associations of City Missions, Sweden


Housing Innovations: Developing Affordable Housing

Jean Baptiste Lesort, Habitat et Humanisme

Albert Terrones, City of Mataró, Spain


Make sure to watch the videos from our livestreamed sessions:

Opening Plenary

Insights from National Housing First Platforms

Preventing Homelessness

Research on Homelessness: National Strategies and Models of Prevention