European Journal of Homelessness: Volume 8, Issue 1 - 2014

Section 1

European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 8.1, August 2014 (Print ISSN : 2030-2762, Online ISSN : 2030-3106)

Housing Homeless People in Europe


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Volker Busch-Geertsema Housing First Europe – Results of a European Social Experimentation Project

José Ornelas, Paulo Martins, Maria Teresa Zilhão and Teresa Duarte Housing First: An Ecological Approach to Promoting Community Integration

Anna Balogi and Boróka Fehér The Possibilities and Limitations of Housing-led Projects: A Hungarian Example

Lara Granelli, Giacomo Invernizzi and Lara Marchesi The Rolling Stones Project: A Housing Led Experiment in Italy

Eliška Lindovská Homelessness Coping Strategies from Housing Ready and Housing First Perspectives