European Journal of Homelessness: Volume 7, Issue 2 - 2013

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European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 7.2, December 2013 (Print ISSN : 2030-2762, Online ISSN : 2030-3106 )

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Table of Contents and Editorial

Part A: Articles

Nicholas Pleace and Joanne Bretherton The Case for Housing First in the European Union: A Critical Evaluation of Concerns about Effectiveness

Liz Gosme The Europeanisation of Homelessness Policy: Myth or Reality?

Boróka Fehér and Anna Balogi From the Forest to Housing: Challenges Faced by Former Rough Sleepers in the Private Rental Market in Hungary

Part B: Policy Reviews

Isabel Baptista The First Portuguese Homelessness Strategy: Progress and Obstacles

Lars Benjaminsen *Policy Review Up-date: Results from the Housing First-based Danish Homelessness Strategy *

Rita Bence and Éva Tessza Udvarhelyi The Growing Criminalization of Homelessness in Hungary – A Brief Overview

Aidan Culhane and Niamh Randall Reflections on the Leuven Roundtable on Homelessness: the End of the Beginning?

John van Leerdam Analysing Costs and Benefits of Homelessness Policies in the Netherlands: Lessons for Europe

Michel Planije and Mathijs Tuynman Homelessness Policy in the Netherlands: Nationwide Access to Shelter under Pressure from Local Connection Criteria?

Olga Theodorikakou, Alexandra Alamanou and Kyriakos Katsadoros “Neo-homelessness” and the Greek Crisis

Peter O’Neill Meeting the Housing Needs of Vulnerable Homeless People in Northern Ireland

Part C: Think Pieces

Kate Amore Focusing on Conceptual Validity: A Response

Michele Lancione How is Homelessness?

Simon Güntner and Jamie Harding Active Inclusion – an Effective Strategy to Tackle Youth Homelessness?

Part D: Profiling Homelessness - Serbia and Croatia

Mina Petrovi? and Milena Timotijevi? Homelessness and Housing Exclusion in Serbia

Morena Šoštari? Homelessness in the Republic of Croatia: A Review of the Social Welfare System for Homeless People

Part E: Responses to “Preparing Homeless People for Independent Living…”

Ingrid Sahlin Preparing or Postponing?

Ronni Michelle Greenwood and Ana Stefancic Some Additional Thoughts on Housing and Services for Adults with Histories of Homelessness

Jeremy Swain A Comment

Volker Busch-Geertsema Swimming Can Better be Learned in the Water Than Anywhere Else

Part F: Responses to “The Discourse of Consumer Choice…”

Nicholas Pleace Consumer Choice in Housing First

Deborah K. Padgett Choices, Consequences and Context: Housing First and its Critics

Part G: Responses to “Varieties of Punitiveness…”

Don Mitchell On “Varieties of Punitiveness in Europe’’: A View from the United States

Stephen Gaetz The Criminalization of Homelessness: A Canadian Perspective

Marie-Eve Sylvestre Narratives of Punishment: Neoliberalism, Class Interests and the Politics of Social Exclusion

Evelyn Dyb Neo-liberal versus Social Democratic Policies on Homelessness: The Nordic Case

Joe Doherty Situating Homelessness

Jürgen von Mahs Punitive Approaches and Welfare State Intervention: Reflections and Future Research Directions

Part H: Research in Progress

Progress Report of On-going Research: A Strengths-Based Intervention for Homeless Youths - The Effectiveness and Fidelity of Houvast

The Risk of Homelessness in a Scandinavian Welfare State

Research Project on Prevention of Homelessness in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Caring for the Homeless and the Poor in Greece: Implications for the Future of Social Protection and Social Inclusion

Part I: Book Reviews

Symposium on Jürgen von Mahs (2013) Down and Out in Los Angeles and Berlin: The Sociospatial Exclusion of Homeless People.

Filipa Lourenço Menezes (2012) Percursos Sem-Abrigo. Histórias das ruas de Paris, Lisboa e Londres.

Josef Hegedus, Martin Lux and Nora Teller (Eds.) (2013) Social Housing in Transition Countries.

Kristina E. Gibson (2011) Street Kids – Homeless Youth, Outreach and the Policing of New York’s Streets.

Ella Howard (2013) Homeless: Poverty and Place in Urban America.

Vanessa Oliver (2013) Healing Home: Health and Homelessness in the Life Stories of Young Women.

Ray Forrest and Ngai-Ming Yip (Eds.) (2013) Young People and Housing: Transitions, Trajectories and Generational Fractures.

Stadt Wien [City of Vienna] (Ed.; 2012) Evaluierung Wiener Wohnungslosenhilfe. Zusammenfassung des Endberichts [Evaluation of the Viennese Homeless Service System: Summary of Final Report].

Volker Busch-Geertsema and Ekke-Ulf Ruhstrat (2012) Mobile Mieterhilfe Bielefeld. Ein Modellprojekt zur Aufsuchenden Präventionsarbeit eines freien Trägers in enger Kooperation mit der Wohnungswirtschaft. Evaluation im Auftrag von Bethel.regional in den von Bodelschwingschen Stiftungen Bethel. [Mobile Debt Management in Bielefeld – Pilot Preventative Services with Home Visits to Tenants with Rent Arrears. by a Non-profit Provider in Close Cooperation with Housing Companies]

Jessie Hohmann (2013) The Right to Housing – Law, Concepts, Possibilities.