European Journal of Homelessness: Volume 6, Issue 2 - 2012

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**European Journal of Homelessness,Volume 6.2, December 2012 (Print ISSN: 2030-2762, Online ISSN: 2030-3106)

Open Edition**

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Maureen Crane, Anthony M. Warnes and Sarah Coward Preparing Homeless People for Independent Living and its Influence on Resettlement Outcomes

Cecilia Hansen Löfstrand and Kirsi Juhila The Discourse of Consumer Choice in the Pathways Housing First Model

Eoin O’Sullivan Varieties of Punitiveness in Europe: Homelessness and Urban Marginality

Policy Review

Koen Hermans The Dutch Strategy to Combat Homelessness: From Ambition to Window Dressing?

Think Pieces

Clare Kinsella Re-locating Fear on the Streets: Homelessness, Victimisation and Fear of Crime

Angeliki Paidakaki Addressing Homelessness through Disaster Discourses: The Role of Social Capital and Innovation in Building Urban Resilience and Addressing Homelessness

Adrienn Kiss Homeless Refugees in Hungary

Mike Allen Quality Standards in Homeless Services, Housing Led Approaches and the Legacy of ‘Less Eligibility’

Responses to “The Ambiguities, Limits and Risks of Housing First”

Sam Tsemberis Housing First: Basic Tenets of the Definition Across Cultures

Cecilia Hansen Löfstrand On the Translation of the Pathways Housing First Model

Guy Johnson Housing First ‘Down Under’: Revolution, Realignment or Rhetoric?

Sarah Johnsen Shifting the Balance of the Housing First Debate

Jack Tsai and Robert A. Rosenheck Considering Alternatives to the Housing First Model

Volker Busch-Geertsema The Potential of Housing First from a European Perspective

Responses to “The ETHOS Definition and Classification of Homelessness”

Bill Edgar The ETHOS Definition and Classification of Homelessness and Housing Exclusion

Ingrid Sahlin The Logos of ETHOS

Nan Roman ETHOS: A Perspective from the United States of America

Research in Progress

Volker Busch-Geertsema Housing First Europe: Progress Report on a Social Experimentation Project

Mary Smith, Francesca Albanese and Jenna Truder Sustain: A Longitudinal Study of Housing Wellbeing in the Private Rented Sector


Jane Ball (2012) Housing Disadvantaged People? Insiders and Outsiders in French Social Housing

Desiree Hellegers (2011) No Room of Her Own: Women’s Stories of Homelessness, Life, Death and Resistance

Tamara Walsh (2011) Homelessness and the Law

Ludger Pries and Tülay Tuncer-Zengingül (2012) Wohnungslose mit Migrationshintergrund in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Eine Untersuchung zu den Lebenslagen. [Homeless with Migration Background in North Rhine-Westphalia. An Explorative Research of Living Conditions]

Trenna Valado and Randall Amster (2012) Professional Lives, Personal Struggles

Laura Huey (2012) Invisible Victims: Homelessness and the Growing Security Gap