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Romani Resistance Day: Learning About Europe's Biggest Ethic Minority - The Roma

A tool for professionals working with destitute EU migrants of Roma background.


Are you a member of a non-profit organisation / public authority / civil society member? Do you want to know more about the history and culture of Roma mobile EU citizens experiencing homelessness in the cities of the European Union? Do you want to know about the possible ways in which you can support destitute mobile EU citizens who have a Roma background?

This e-learning material (found below) is a series of five training modules designed for professionals working to protect and promote the rights of destitute mobile EU citizens, with a focus on Roma history and culture:

  1. Roma history and discrimination against Roma in Europe: then and now
  2. The role of the Roma civil society in upholding Roma rights
  3. Intersectional oppression experienced by Roma women and LGBTI.
  4. Roma in migration: Experiencing poverty and homelessness.
  5. Good practices and projects in supporting Roma mobile EU citizens experiencing homelessness.

You can also click here to watch our previous webinar on the intersectionality of homelessness amongst EU mobile citizens.


Module 1:


Module 2:

Module 3:


Module 4:

Module 5:



PRODEC: Protecting the Rights of Destitute EU mobile Citizens - third phase (2022 - 2024)

Funded by the European Programme on Integration and Migration (EPIM) and prepared by Marina Csikós (csikosmarina1993@gmail.com). For further questions or comments please contact us at simona.barbu@feantsa.org.