Training Modules on Strategic Litigation to Uphold the Rights of Mobile EU Citizens in Destitution

This is a training resource comprising six training modules on strategic litigation in EU free movement cases, which is designed for professionals working to promote and protect the rights of destitute mobile EU citizens. However, it will also hopefully be of wider use to anyone working on EU free movements rights or even other areas of EU law.

The modules focus on the following topics: 

Module 1: Introduction to Strategic Litigation

Module 2: Measures Restricting Free Movement Rights & Information Resources on Legal Advice

Module 3: Judicial Remedies & the EU Court of Justice

Module 4: Alternative Dispute Resolution & SOLVIT

Module 5: Complaints Before the European Commission

Module 6: The Submission of a Petition Before the European Parliament

These resources complement other learning material on this topic, such as the recording "EU Free Movement Guide: a series of four training modules on EU free movement", the user-friendly guide "EU Freedom of movement: what are your rights?" or the slides of "Homelessness among mobile EU citizens: A tool for legal experts and local authorities".


For information and to get in touch you can reach us at: (Sergio Pérez Barranco, PRODEC Project Officer) and (Simona Barbu, Migration and Health Policy Officer). 

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