Homelessness among mobile EU citizens: A tool for legal experts and local authorities working with mobile EU citizens in destitution

As part of the PRODEC project - Protecting the Rights of Destitute mobile EU Citizens - FEANTSA has drafted series of three modules on homelessness among mobile EU citizens, designed for legal experts and local authorities working with destitute mobile EU citizens, but useful for everyone who wants to learn more about this subject.

Each module focuses on a particular topic: 

  1. An overview of homelessness in Europe introduces us to the concept of homelessness and the current situation in Europe. 
  2. Homelessness among mobile EU citizens focuses on a specific segment of the people who are experiencing homelessness in Europe: those who move from one EU country to another, mobile EU citizens. 
  3. Support measures for mobile EU citizens experiencing homelessness introduces good practices for supporting mobile EU citizens experiencing homelessness.

These resources build on the knowledge developed by FEANTSA and its members on the ground over the years. They also complement other learning material on this topic, such as "EU Free Movement Guide: a series of four training modules on EU free movement" or "EU Freedom of movement: what are your rights?"

For further questions or comments please contact us at simona.barbu@feantsa.org.