Mapping healthcare in homelessness services

Download the report here [PDF]


The health and homelessness sectors are closely interconnected. Ill health can cause and contribute to homelessness, while simultaneously the lack of adequate housing has a significant impact on the physical and mental well-being of individuals. Homelessness comes with deep social exclusion and marginalisation which in turn have direct consequences on the health of those living in precarious housing, in emergency accommodation, or sleeping rough. Experiencing homelessness, even for a short period of time, translates into living under a great deal of physical and psychological stress, which has far-reaching health consequences.

This report is the first step in creating a map of health services throughout the homelessness sector. It provides an overview of the typologies of interventions developed within the sector, looking at a total of 23 types, as well as case examples from homelessness services offering medical support. By reflecting on existing services we may see the practical manifestation of the intersections of health and homelessness, learn good practices, and reinforce the role of housing in healthcare.