Living on the street in Barcelona: A focus on mobile EU citizens
Arrels Fundacío

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The report ‘Living on the street in Barcelona. A focus on mobile EU citizens’ allows for a closer look at the situation of people from European Union (EU) member states who live on the street in Barcelona, based on the analysis of data obtained during the night of 26 November 2020. The main source of information to draft this report is a survey which was carried out by Arrels Fundació in the streets of Barcelona on 26 November 2020, with a curfew imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim of the survey is to deepen our knowledge on the problem of homelessness, and specifically on the people who sleep rough in the city of Barcelona. This knowledge is essential in order to advocate for social policies and useful resources that are adapted to their reality and that focus on reducing homelessness.