17 Practices To Help End Youth Homelessness

Download the Report Here

In 2020 FEANTSA published our European Framework for Defining Youth Homelessness, to help services and policy makers understand the specific needs young people experiencing homelessness possess. At the core of our framework was an intersectional lens for understanding youth homelessness, while age presents its own challenges for overcoming homelessness, young people aren't just 'youth'.

These practices in this publication build on the work of our European Framework by providing insights to services that meet the diverse needs of young people. 

The publication is divided into two sections. 

The first section shares services meeting the broad needs of youth experiencing homelessness with a thematic focus on 

  • Empowering young people
  • Access to housing 
  • Preventing youth homelessness
  • Mental health supports

The second section shares services that support different profiles of young people who are at heightened risk of homelessness including:

  • Young Women 
  • Youth Leaving Care
  • LGBTIQ Youth
  • Young Migrants 

If you'd like to learn more about these practices FEANTSA will be running a webinar series between September and December 2021 with some of the services we have included. 

Prevention of Youth Homelessness, 12th October 2021, 15.00 CET - Register Here

Youth Leaving Care, 26th October 2021, 15.00 CET - Register Here

Young Migrants Experiencing Homelessness, 16th November 2021, 15.00 CET - Register Here

LGBTIQ Youth Homelessness, 7th December 2021, 15.00 CET - Register Here