The City is Ours! How to Regulate Airbnb in the Face of a Housing Crisis

A report by FEANTSA & Fondation Abbé Pierre

Over the last few years, local and national authorities, researchers, activists, and NGOs have been united incriticising the role of short-term rental platforms, their growth and their impact on the housing sector.

Central to the debate is the contribution of these platforms to increased rental prices, particularly in large cities. The increased supply of holiday rentals is directly linked to fewer homes being available on the long-term rental market. Longterm rentals have also become unaffordable to residents, particularly ‘essential workers’ such as nurses, care workers, supermarket employees, etc.

This paper gives the state of play of the problem in Europe and the legislative battles being fought at local, national and European level, and goes on to analyse the changes in the short-term rental sector in light of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the housing market.

Read and download the report here.