Perceptions: Findings from a European Survey of Homelessness Service Providers about LGBTIQ Youth Homelessness

In 2019, FEANTSA & True Colors United launched a survey of FEANTSA members to understand the challenges homeless services encounter when working with LGBTIQ youth, The resulting report represents a first step in a research project that will establish a baseline of understanding about LGBTIQ youth homelessness across the region and inform the development of resources and training for homeless service providers.

The need for such a baseline of understanding has been reinforced by the results of the survey itself: the majority of respondents (63%) reported that their organisations could benefit from support and guidance in order to better support homeless LGBTIQ youth. While this acknowledgement reaffirms we have a lot to learn about LGBTIQ youth homelessness, it also shows that homelessness services are open to learning more and supporting LGBTIQ youth.

Download the full report here.