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Within the framework of FEANTSA’s project PRODEC - Protecting the Rights of Destitute Mobile EU Citizens – four legal fitness checks were conducted in Belgium, Germany, Sweden and United Kingdom. These reports, drafted by Anthony Valcke (Belgium), Andreas Halatschew (Germany), Fabrizio Vittoria and Martin Enquist Källgren (Sweden),  and Matthew Evans (United Kingdom), focused on how EU free movement rules are transposed into Belgian, British, German and Swedish law. The purpose of the national fitness checks is to provide an overview of the rules regulating the residence rights of EU citizens and their family members, access to social benefits, expulsions and removals. Each report also presents national immigration law and related regulations, that implement into national law Directive 2004/38 and associated case law. Indeed, destitute mobile EU citizens face significant difficulties in exercising the right to free movement. FEANTSA commissioned the fitness checks to determine what these difficulties are and to establish what actions must be taken to protect destitute mobile EU citizens’ rights.