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Street Support and Public Nuisance

FEANTSA is a partner in an Erasmus+ project which focuses on how to foster the social inclusion of people who are often accused of being a public nuisance due to the misuse of drugs or alcohol. 

The coordinator of the project is the Regenboeg Group (NL), and the other partners are: Fixpunkt Berlin (DE), Simon Community Cork (IRE), Spolecnost Podané Ruce Brno (CZ) and Comite Ciudadano Anti-Sida Valencia (ES).

Visit the Street Support website

Contact person: Ruth Kasper

Check out the assessment report Local Strategies Targeting Alcohol and Drug Users in the Public Space - Public Order versus Social Inclusion. The report assesses current nuisance-related strategies in different Member States and identifies characteristics of effective inclusive strategies. A key feature of succcessful strategies is their 2-fold positive effect: they support people who live in the street and avoid (further) exclusion while contributing to a reduction of public nuisance.