Ways out of Homelessness

This 2-year Erasmus+ project focuses on vocational training for staff working with homeless people in Hungary, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic. The project aim is to encourage the use of evidence-based practice to support pathways out of homelessness in specific local policy contexts.

While there have been several European projects and exchanges of know-how and good practice in the field of housing, representatives of the partner organizations felt the need for focusing exclusively on local solutions from the region. This focus centred on the system, rate and availability of general social support, as well as social housing and housing subsidies in partner countries as these differ greatly from those existing in older EU member states, creating unique challenges for both homeless people and support workers trying to help their clients find ways out of homelessness.

The project is led by the Budapest Methodological Centre of Social Policy and its Institutions (BMSZKI, HU) and involves project partners, SAD (CZ), Camillian Mission for Social Assistance (PL), Casa Ioana (RO), Habitat for Humanity (HU) and FEANTSA.

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