The European Commission States that being Homeless does not Preclude Mobile EU Citizens from having a Right of Residence

In an answer to a Parliamentary question, published on 19 September on the European Parliament’s website, Commissioner Jourová stated that being homeless cannot not be considered as a reason to revoke the right of residence of a EU mobile citizen

“This is not the first time that the European Parliament asked the Commission’s clarification on this issue and FEANTSA had been waiting several years for a clear answer,” declared FEANTSA director, Freek Spinnewijn, who added that “now the Commission should seriously monitor that Member States respect the existing framework on free movement when it comes to access to services and enjoyment of rights for mobile EU citizens who became homeless in a country other than their own”.

Together with the Migrants’ Rights Network and Praxis, FEANTSA launched a complaint before the European Commission to challenge UK deportations and to quickly act against an inadmissible violation of citizens’ rights.

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