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FEANTSA Launches New Project to Protect the Rights of Destitute Mobile EU Citizens

FEANTSA has launched a new project called PRODEC - Protecting the Rights of Destitute Mobile EU Citizens, which will run for the next two years. PRODEC is funded by the European Programme on Integration and Migration (EPIM) and it aims to create a sense of urgency at the European political level on the issue of homelessness among mobile EU citizens, to ensure legal certainty with regard to their rights and to empower those who have become destitute to claim their rights. FEANTSA's project partners will be Eurodiaconia, the AMA from Belgium, GEBEWO from Germany and St. Mungo's from the United Kingdom. 

Through the activities included in this project, FEANTSA aims to develop the appropriate litigation strategy that would help to counter the restrictive interpretation of free movement, provide EU institutions with concrete and enforceable proposals for revision of the existing framework, provide professionals with the necessary knowledge on how to support destitute mobile EU citizens and provide the latter with the necessary tools that can assist their social inclusion and way out of destitution.

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