FEANTSA Migration & Homelessness Newsletter

JUNE 2023

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Welcome to our first 2023 issue of the Migration & Homelessness Newsletter, containing the latest updates from across Europe on homelessness amongst migrants.

Here you will find information on FEANTSA’s activities regarding free movement, migration, and asylum. You will also be able to read the latest updates about EU’s negotiations on the ‘Asylum and Migration Pact’ files which are slowly but surely coming to an end. A lack of access to adequate accommodation continues across member states, while experiences of homelessness are observed in the case of asylum seekers, and more recently also for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. 

These and many other updates are included in this first edition of our Migration & Homelessness Newsletter for 2023. We hope you find these useful in your work.

Do you have information that you would want to be featured in our newsletter? Write to us at simona.barbu@feantsa.org.