MAY 2023

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Welcome back to the FEANTSA Flash!

May was a busy month at FEANTSA, and we have finally shaken off the long winter’s frost - no doubt aided by our short trip to the Swedish wilderness for the FEANTSA Forum 2023! We would like to thank everyone that attended and took part, and hope that you gained as much from it as we did. But the Forum was only one part of May, and we are happy to bring you a variety of updates on the state of homelessness in Europe. The Porto Social Summit took place, with member states renewing their commitments; new counts have been published on homelessness in Ireland and the UK; we took a quick trip to neunerhaus in Austria to discuss health and homelessness with our members; and the issue of energy poverty and the green transition continue to weigh on our minds. You will find all of these issues and more discussed below!

Read on to find out about our news, publications, and upcoming plans as well as important policy developments in the field of homelessness.

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