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FEANTSA is pleased to present you with the December edition of the ‘Health & Homelessness’ newsletter, bringing you the latest news about research into the health status of people experiencing homelessness.

In this issue, you will read an article by Dr. Sándor Békási, MD, MSc about the DocRoom Health Research Program of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta which made it possible to obtain and share first-hand results of a successful digital health initiative in homeless shelters in Budapest, Hungary. In the framework of the DocRoom Health Research Program a series of projects were conducted covering digital health opportunities among people experiencing homelessness. The main results are summarised in this article by Dr. Sándor Békási, which contributes to increasing the knowledge on how to utilise the benefits of telemedicine among vulnerable populations.

FEANTSA would like to thank the author for his valued contribution to this edition of the newsletter. Please do not hesitate to send your comments, questions and contributions to Simona Barbu .