FEANTSA Migration & Homelessness Newsletter

JUNE 2022

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Welcome to our FEANTSA Migration & Homelessness Newsletter, issue #12.

The first half of 2022 has been marked by the Russian invasion in Ukraine, which led to more than 13 million people fleeing their homes with almost five million heading to neighbouring countries. This brought new challenges in the asylum reception systems across Europe, especially in the countries that share a border with Ukraine: Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Moldova.

Discussions at European level about strengthening migration and asylum policies continued in this period as well. The adoption of the ‘Asylum and Migration Pact’ is still undergoing, and the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union was committed to advance on this file under its mandate. In light of the mass influx of people arriving to Europe from Ukraine, new legislation and initiatives were set in place to facilitate access to rights and services for refugees arriving from Ukraine.

Access to housing is one of the main concerns, as accommodation was already scarce before, and experiences of homelessness have been documented in the case of refugees arriving from Ukraine. Generally, asylum seekers, as well as refugees and migrants in Europe continue to face housing exclusion and homelessness.
These and many other updates are included in this first edition of our Migration & Homelessness Newsletter for 2022, which contains a special section on Ukraine and updates from across Europe on the situation of housing and homelessness for people in exile.

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