[Cover Art: “Inner Spaces”, George Mannouris, New York. Acryl, 2019. Curated by freshart NYC, an organisation in New York City, which aims to promote the talent and creativity of New York City’s disadvantaged and underserved adults. freshart artists live in supportive housing facilities, shelters, and senior residences. This particular piece is a result of the "This is Where I Live" International Art Exchange, initiated by CafeArt London. ]

Public awareness of the consequences of homelessness on people in general, and on children in particular, has slowly been increasing over time: homelessness affects childrens’ mental and physical health, their performance in the education system, and homeless children are more likely to become homeless adults... Not so surprisingly, research on the topic has confirmed intuition by highlighting the harmful impact homelessness has on children and their parents. Through quotes, statistics and powerful pleas, the articles in this magazine have tried to capture the painful reality that is so frequently kept hidden because so many refuse to face and address it.

The Autumn 2019 edition of the Homeless in Europe Magazine contains the following:

Editorial, Clotilde Clark-Foulquier 

  1. Family homelessness in France: an overview. Laura Slimani, Guillaume Cheruy, Maelle Lena
  2. Family homelessness: a gender issue? Isabel Baptista
  3. The effect of the Cost-sharing norm on Youth Homelessness in the Netherlands. Marry Mos and Rina Beers
  4. Homelessness in Dublin. Sarah Sheridan and Daniel Hoey
  5. The housing exclusion of Roma Families in Italy. Donatella de Vito
  6. Family homelessness from a child's perspective. Leen Ackaert
  7. Women and children first - Looking at a few statistics on Homelessness in Brussels. Benoit Quittelier et Nicolas Horvat
  8.  Family homelessness in Europe. Nicholas Pleace

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