Thousands of EU citizens have moved to another Member State and have become homeless there. The number has increased over the last ten years. The reasons are many, but just to give an idea of the kind of profiles, here is a short list: people working with low salaries and struggling to find affordable housing; people who have lost their job and have not contributed enough to have access to the social assistance system; people who have lived in the ‘country of destination’ for ten, fifteen and even more years, who used to work without a work contract and have become too old to work or have had an accident; people who have been living in the street for too long and are affected by mental illness or substance abuse disorder; sex workers whose accommodation depends on their employer and even when they could potentially register as self-employed they are forced not to do that. Provi­sion of services is therefore particularly complicated because there are many different profiles and vulnerability factors.

The Winter 2018 - 2019 edition of the Homeless in Europe Magazine contains the following articles:

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