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Our Cities Bulletin is designed for cities with a commitment to tackling and ending homelessness. Each month the Bulletin compiles interesting practices, stories, reports and upcoming events that can empower you to combat homelessness in your city.

FEANTSA Cities Bulletin - Issue 1

Cities are key allies in the fight to end homelessness in Europe. FEANTSA and our network has had strong and valued partnerships with many cities. Over the years, consistent feedback from cities has told us that they value the opportunity to learn from one another and that they appreciate a European network that can provide advice and inspiration when it comes to tackling homelessness.

The cities that we work with value the opportunity to meet their counterparts from across Europe and share their challenges and solutions. FEANTSA is committed to supporting this endeavour and hopes that our Cities Bulletin can foster European cooperation and engagement with cities committed to ending homelessness.

Please feel free to share the Bulletin with colleagues. If you would like to share some practices, events or new data from your city, get in touch with FEANTSA Policy Officer, Robbie Stakelum (robbie.stakelum@feantsa.org).

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