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We are pleased to share with you the first edition of the FEANTSA Health & Homelessness newsletter, the successor to the European Network of Health Workers (ENHW) newsletter. This aims to bring you news about cutting-edge research into the health issues of homeless people. Editions will also contain links to useful resources (see below).

This first edition's article is written by Richard Lowrie, Dr Andrea Williamson, Dr Ruth Spencer, Alison Hair, Izzie Gallacher and Dr Nigel Hewett, all of whom work in the field of health in Glasgow, Scotland. It looks at how clinical pharmacists can work together on long term health conditions in homeless people, an issue of pressing importance, due to the very low life expectancy of homeless people. You can read it here.

We would like to thank the authors for their valued contribution to our newsletter in highlighting some interesting practices in the health and homeless sector.

 We hope that this newsletter will stimulate further reflection and interaction, which could take the form of articles for future issues. We would be pleased to receive information on any relevant research or events you might be aware of.

Please do not hesitate to send your comments, questions and contributions to Dalma Fabian


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