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Homeless in Europe Magazine: Digital Inclusion and Homeless

Communication is paramount in our lives and the lack of it can be a major challenge for social and economic integration. Although face-to-face contact is very important, communication is increasingly conditioned by the development of technologies whose main success is to bridge geographical gaps between people.We rely on communication, amongst other things, to organise events, for daily interaction and social affairs, to look for a job or a place to live, to get information – which in some cases might turn out to be matter of life and death - to share experiences and participate in society. For people living in precarious situations, access to information and the possibility to communicate can be very important. Homeless people on the one hand seek information in a variety of ways and on the other need to be directly contacted for several reasons - new housing or work opportunities, change in government programmes, changes in social law related to access to social benefits, but also vaccine recalls and public health issues, to name but a few.