Sharing Experiences: News from Health Professionals across the EU:

  • La Cellule d’Appui du SMES : un appui aux travailleurs, un soutien aux sans-abri – By Mahe Aja
  • Eurocare members working to end homelessness - By Paulo Nunes de Moura
  • Youth F-ACT – an effective model of care for homeless youth with mental health problems – By Corma


  • Stop the scandal: investigating into mental health and rough sleeping
  • Homeless Health conference report by Queen’s Nursing Institute
  • Housing First Guide
  • How naloxone can save lives?
  • Piecing together a solution: Homelessness among people with autism in Wales
  • Accompagnement santé des personnes sans domicile : les pratiques innovantes recensées
  • Structured review of the evidence on intersection of housing and health policy in the WHO European Region
  • Randomised controlled trial of GP-led in-hospital management of homeless people ('Pathway')