Sharing Experiences: News from Health Professionals across the EU:

  • An Integrated, ‘Psychologically Informed’ Partnership Approach to Homelessness Prevention by Lindsay Stronge and Dr Emma Williamson
  • The behavior and self-image of homeless people in a societal perspective by Lene Tanderup
  • Most vulnerable need fundamental shift in attitudes and service provision by Silvana Enculescu and Olga Kozhaeva, Mental health Europe
  • Nobody withouth health. Ending homelessness campaign in Spain by Sonia Olea Ferreras


  • Exploring the impact of sport participation in the Homeless World Cup on individuals with substance abuse or mental health disorders
  • Review of the Social Determinants and Health Divide in the WHO European Region 
  • Report on health inequalities in the European Union
  • Health and homelessness: Understanding the costs and role of primary care services for homeless people
  • Trauma among street-involved youth
  • Getting home: Outcomes from Housing High Cost Homeless Hospital Patients
  • Les enjeux santé et logement en région bruxelloise
  • Des inégalités d’accès aux soins aggravées
  • Projet denombrer et decrier
  • Access to services by people with severe mental health problems who are homeless
  • Skating on thin ice – Difficulties faced by people with mental illness accessing and maintaining social