Sharing Experiences: News from Health Professionals across the EU:

  • Homelessness and Alcohol Outreach Nursing in Liverpool by Martin Whiteford¹, Paula Byrne
  • Marginal Health: Social Relations, Health and Well-Being among Socially Marginalized People in Denmark by Pia Vivian Pedersen, PhD, MSc in Sociology
  • « Syner’Santé »: un projet essentiel venant en aide aux sans-abri souffrant d’assuétudes by Magalie Parisseaux (in French)
  • Sports and Pyhsical Activities in Homeless Services in the Netherlands by Rianne Verwijs


  • WHO Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020
  • Working for Health Equity: the Role of Health Professionals – UCL Institute for Health Equity
  • European Drug Report 2013
  • Access to health care in Europe in times of crisis and rising xenophobia – an overview of the situation of people excluded from health care systems - Medecins du Monde
  • Inequalities and multiple discrimination in access to and quality of healthcare – EU Fundamental Rights Agency
  • The incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis among the homeless in north-eastern Poland
  • Personality disorders and treatment drop out in the homeless
  • Health and Wellbeing: Holistic Health Services for People Who Are Homeless - FEANTSA Policy Statement on Health and Well-being
  • Time for Transition: From Institutional to Community-Based Services in the Fight against Homelessness – FEANTSA policy statement on Deinstitutionalisation