Sharing Experiences: News from Health Professionals across the EU:

  • There are many ways to recover from alcoholism, by Patsy Staddon
  • Homeless population in Barcelona: profiles, health situation and access to health care services, by Joan Uribe Vilarrodona and Sara Alonso  
  • Results of a study on undocumented children and access to emergency healthcare in the Netherlands, by Marjan Mensinga
  • At the crossroads between mental health and social exclusion – reflection and innovative practice in Belgium and Europe, by Sébastien Alexandre (article in FR)
  • The European Healthcare Professionals? Guide to Confidentiality and Privacy in Healthcare according to the EuroSOCAP Project, by Rosa Ordóñez


  • FEANTSA recent health?related resources available online
  • The realisation of women’s rights and gender equality requires action across policy fields, by Cécile Gréboval  
  • Resources: recent articles, reports and other publications of interest (national and European level)  
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