FEANTSA Migration and Asylum study visit to Poland

Wrocław (13 October 2022) and Poznań (14 October 2022)

Read our full report here (PDF)


As part of its activities, FEANTSA strives to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge between experts and members working in the area of migration. To this end, in October 2022 we organised a two-day study visit in Poland to learn about the work of our members in relation to the reception of refugees from Ukraine, and to discuss the topic of reconnections of mobile EU citizens facing homelessness. 

The study visit gathered organisations from several European countries together with representatives from European and local authorities, which allowed for different perspectives to feature in the discussions. Some recommendations were drafted after these discussions, which you can read in the summary report.

During the first day, we visited several reception centres and shelters in Wrocław, and we shared good practices from across the EU concerning the material reception conditions for refugees arriving from Ukraine and for asylum seekers in general. On the second day, we visited Barka headquarters in Poznań, where mobile EU citizens are accommodated and supported in the context of reconnections to their countries of origin.