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16 Days of Activism: Outputs from FEANTSA Youth Study Session "A Gendered Approach to Youth Homelessness"

With the participation of young professionals across Europe, this year’s FEANTSA Youth study session explored how young women experience homelessness and what are the unique and intersectional challenges of women’s homelessness and how to develop and deliver gender and trauma-informed services for women experiencing homelessness.

Gender-based violence is both a cause and a consequence of women’s homelessness and housing instability and it is one of the most prevalent human rights violations. On Human Rights Day, FEANTSA calls for action to break the cycle of homelessness and GBV, to prevent and end women’s homelessness and to ensure the full realisation of women’s housing rights free from GBV.

The study session took place during the 16 days of Activism. Participants of the study session have created a campaign to raise awareness of how women’s experience of homelessness and GBV interlinks.  You can check the campaign photos in the gallery.

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