European Commission's webinar: Helpdesk on support to social services to respond to Covid-19 crisis

Wednesday 3rd June 2020, 10h00-12h00 CEST

One of the measures put in place by the Commission is the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative (CRII and CRII Plus) which seeks to re-direct unspent EU Structural Funds to national, regional & local communities fighting COVID-19. The CRII has a fundamental role to play in addressing the impact of the pandemic on social services across the EU. Due to COVID-19, some social services have been forced to close while many others have had to swiftly adapt to ensure care and support can continue alongside the current circumstances and under confinement rules (social distancing, etc.). The CRII foresees the adaptation of the ESIF rules to respond to this situation but there is still a lot of uncertainty on how these rules work and especially how social services can benefit from the new flexibility and the opening of new funding opportunities.

This webinar aims to bring together all relevant actors at national and European levels – European Commission, Managing Authorities, service providers and organisations representing social services users – to engage in a constructive dialogue and exchange of innovative ideas on how to use existing instruments to ensure the continuity and quality of care and support services.

For more information about the upcoming webinar on Social Services And COVID-19, consult the invitation and agenda.

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