FEANTSA supports European Testing week. Now in its eighth year, the European Testing Week initiative holds its third Spring European Testing Week from 15-22 May 2020.

European Testing Week is a European campaign that encourages partner organisations — in community, health care and policy institutions — throughout Europe to unite for one week twice a year to increase testing efforts and promote awareness on the benefits of earlier hepatitis and HIV testing. 

People experiencing homelessness are at heightened risk to HIV and/or Hepatitis. Higher vulnerability of key populations to HIV and many other illnesses (e.g. hepatitis) can result from social and structural factors, including criminalisation, discrimination, stigma, violence, social and economic marginalisation and/or exclusion to which they are often subjected. This is why accessible testing facilities and outreach testing is key. In particular, peer outreach from those with lived experience is a particularly important approach in engaging people experiencing homelessness with testing facilities.

Visit European Testing Week's dedicated website for more information.