The Safe at Home recommendations on how to improve support for survivors of domestic violence were presented during a roundtable at the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Mary Honeyball. The recommendations addressed both policy makers working at European and local levels and housing providers and were commented by an expert panel from the European Commission, the European Women’s Lobby, Women Against Violence Europe and Housing Europe. Some of the key recommendations were the fundamental role the provision of safe and permanent housing plays in supporting women in recovery from domestic violence and related trauma and the need for sustainable funding for local domestic violence support services as coordinators of local support networks. Such networks need to involve all relevant services such as homeless services, housing providers, generalist health & mental health services, schools and child protection services, police and medical professionals who need to collaborate in a structured way, e.g.  through inter-service agreements.  

Involved partners are Kadera (NL, coordinator), Peabody Housing Provider, Standing Together Against Domestic Violence (both UK) and FEANTSA (BE/EU). 

Click here to read the recommendations in full. Contact Ruth Kasper for further details.