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In line with the development of the Housing Solutions Platform (HSP) project, FEANTSA wishes to reaffirm its commitment to fight against the housing exclusion in Europe. Through the Housing Solutions Platform and its four member organisations, FEANTSA aims to encourage transnational exchanges in practice by highlighting proactive and bold initiatives tested in different countries and to identify, analyse, debate, promote and scale innovative practices to facilitate their transfer and scaling. Our mission is to contribute to housing crisis resolution in Europe by connecting people, tools and practices to help generate housing solutions.

With this in mind, we wish to announce the launch of the new HSP website, along with two new articles: one from Fondacion Compagnia di San Paolo in Italy, dealing with a project of temporary housing in historical buildings and the other, an interview with Klemens Himpele, Head of the City of Vienna’s Department on Economic Affairs, Labour and Statistics. These two articles will reaffirm the need to think of new practices for affordable housing.

“Homelessness is not only about housing, but it’s also always about housing. Millions are facing homelessness in Europe every year and part of the problem is a very real lack of affordable housing. From the perspective of the homeless sector, we are working every day to end homelessness, but this is not a battle we can win on our own. We need to work with experts working on housing solutions from a range of sectors – from the financial to the environmental. That is why we co-created the Housing Solutions Platform. Collaboration across industries and levels of governance is the key. Only by pooling the existing knowledge and working together to come up with new ideas can the housing and homelessness crisis be halted.”

Freek Spinnewijn, Director of FEANTSA.

Visit the new Housing Solutions Platform website