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Fondation Abbé Pierre has launched its 23rd annual report in Paris. In the Rapport sur l'état du mal-logement en France, the French homeless organisation focuses on the state of overcrowding in France, an issue often overlooked and minimised. 15 million people are - in oneway or another - affected by the current housing crisis in France. Four million people are inadequately housed, while over 8 million people live in overcrowded homes.

The launch event proved to be an excellent occasion to discuss current homelessness policies. After an intervention by Jacques Mézard, French Minister of Territorial Cohesion, different experts discussed the possibility of scaling up Housing First in France. FEANTSA Director Freek Spinnewijn, Juha Kaakinen (Director of the Y-Foundation), Coralie Buxant (Coordinator of Housing First Belgium) and Sylvain Mathieu (DIHAL) were asked to give their views on Housing First - in Europe, Finland, Belgium and France. Last year, the French Government announced a five-year plan aiming to reduce homelessness by adopting the Housing First method. 

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Click here to read the full annual report (in French).

In March, FEANTSA and Fondation Abbé Pierre will release the Third Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe, covering Eurostat data from all EU Member States. In the report will be explained how to develop a proper strategy to reduce and ultimately end homelessness. There will also be legal updates on the right to housing in different European countries. Stay tuned!