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The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) has addressed concerns about the recent deal between the UK Government and the EU in two letters addressed to the the European Parliament's Brexit Steering Group and the Brexit Task Force. Various categories of EU citizens and family members' rights do not appear to be covered by the deal. FEANTSA is especially concerned about the fact that restrictions of rights on grounds of public policy or security related to conduct after the specified date will be in accordance with national law rather than EU law. FEANTSA seeks assurance that "restrictions on grounds of public policy or security related to conduct after the specified date will be subject to EU law, or at the very least that such restrictions will involve an individual assessment that complies with the principles of proportionality and equality, adhere to fundamental and human rights and provide for procedural safeguards and full rights of appeal."  The letters have been co-signed with various other individuals and organisations. 

Find out more about FEANTSA's participation in PRODEC - a project aimed at protecting the rights of destitute mobile EU citizens. 

Read the letter to the Brexit Task Force here.
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