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On September 22, FEANTSA held its 12th European Research Conference on Homelessness in Barcelona. The theme of the 2017 conference was Changing Profiles of Homelessness: Implications for Services.

The conference allowed numerous researchers to share their work on a variety of topics. They discussed research results on homelessness and migration, youth homelessness, women's homelessness, health, substance abuse and Housing First programmes. Their presentations can be found here.  

FEANTSA is very pleased with the results of the research conference. Important figures, such as Patrick Delvetere, Principal Adviser for European Social Policy at the European Political Strategy Centre, expressed the importance of working together to end homelessness in Europe. For the 200 participants, the conference also proved to be a great opportunity for networking with researchers and professionals from all over Europe, and even some other parts of the world. 

The European Observatory on Homelessness is currently working on its 12th Journal of Homelessness Studies. The Journal will include some of the research discussed during the Conference. However, we welcome the submission of other manuscripts.  

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