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The Italian Government has recently approved a decree defining social inclusion as a structural measure within the National Poverty Fighting Plan. Starting from 2018, the Poverty Fund will reserve €20 million per year to fight against extreme poverty. FEANTSA member fio.PSD considers this a great achievement.

In Italy over 50 thousand people are homeless. Starting from January 1st, they will be able to rely on additional support for their reintegration in society. The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy also announced it will free extra budgets, €50 million for a two year-period starting next September, to support the Municipalities and Regions in their development of innovative housing policies.

 "For years we have found an attentive and effective partner in the Ministry," said Cristina Avonto, fio.PSD president. "The stereotypes about homeless people are far off from reality. People are not homeless by choice. Homeless people live in a dramatic situation of extreme poverty. They find themselves at a certain point in their lives excluded from everything, marginalised, deprived of their rights and relationships. Until now, they have been offered hot meals and a bed in some kind of structure. This is not enough. To economically support homeless people means giving them recognition and dignity. It means giving them an opportunity to get up. When services are strengthened, when they are thought about in an innovative way, when we start taking homeless people seriously and consider their personal aspirations, we will be able to assure an actual path of dignity. Homeless people will no longer be considered society’s waste, and will be able to return to our society as full citizens!”

 Together with its members and its network, Fio.PSD is ready to grasp this opportunity and use the allocated ressources for true social investment.

Click here to read a statement of FEANTSA member fio.PSD in Italian.