Why join FEANTSA ?

Read our presentation leaflet here. 

  Access to a network of 100+ organisations working on homelessness throughout Europe

  • Through FEANTSA membership, you become part of a European network of over 100 organisations – all working at different levels (national, regional and local) to tackle the causes and symptoms of homelessness.
  • You will have multiple networking opportunities through the year, including invitations to attend conferences, seminars, project visits – all of which are organised by FEANTSA in order to facilitate the exchange of information, experiences and expertise between its member organisations.

  Access to information and publications

  • Access information and publications (i.e. publications of the European Observatory on Homelessness, FEANTSA European reports and surveys, Working Group reports etc.) to support your work.
  • Access to the members’ only section of the FEANTSA website, where information on lobbying contacts, EU programmes and FEANTSA internal documents are found.

  Contribute to FEANTSA’s work

  • Join one of FEANTSA’s thematic clusters, in which members discuss and analyse such thematic issues such as housing, housing rights, health, migration, participation and women’s homelessness. The groups learn from one another, pool expertise and help shape FEANTSA’s work on policy and practice. 
  • Participate in the governance and decision-making of FEANTSA by voting in the General Assembly and nominating members for the Administrative Council (applies to Members only).
  • Members will have the opportunity to become an Administrative Council member (following agreement among the other Members in the same country).

Types of membership


NGOs working with homeless people and/or on the issue of homelessness based in the EU, the UK, or an EFTA country


Organisations other than NGOs working on the issue of homelessness based in the EU, the UK, or an EFTA country


NGOs and other Organisations based in Europe (outside of the EU, UK, or an EFTA country).