Joint statement on the approval of the Resolution by the European Parliament urging the European Commission to launch an EU action plan to eradicate Roma settlements by 2030


Read and download the full statement here. 

The European Federation of National Organisations working with Homeless People (FEANTSA) and Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) from Spain very much welcome the Resolution regarding the Situation of marginalised Roma communities living in settlements in the EU adopted by a wide majority by the European Parliament on the 5th October 2022. Through this vote, the EP has taken an important step forward towards improving the living conditions of thousands of Roma experiencing severe social exclusion and poverty in such informal and segregated settlements in the EU.

FSG and FEANTSA take this opportunity to call on the European Council and the European Commission (EC) to further support the resolution on the situation of Roma living in settlements and to work towards the realisation of the measures formulated in the initiative. We particularly welcome the mandate given to the European Commission to launch a European Action Plan for the eradication of Roma settlements by 2030 that would provide Member States with concrete guidelines and targets for supporting people to exit situations of deep marginalisation, as formulated under Article 28 of the EP resolution.