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Once upon a time in the West: indifference to increasing housing exclusion across Europe

FEANTSA takes stock of the European Semester 2018

This document will present an overview of FEANTSA’s position of the European Semester 2018 and in doing so will propose a view on the political orientations brought in by the European Commission, a year before the European Parliament elections and a potential redistribution of the political scene.

The key message is that the current wording of the European Semester 2018 is encouraging, even promising. But the European Union will need to go much further to deliver on its commitment of a social Europe. There is a real danger that if the European Union does not address the risk of polarization in society, the European Semester will drift away from the direction laid down by the European Pillar of Social Rights. FEANTSA believes that the European Union should make stronger use of the European Semester to bring about tangible results on homelessness reduction and support for the development of affordable housing solutions in Europe.


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