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On 26 and 27 October the European Commission will organise a Youth Guarantee Learning Forum in Brussels. The Forum will enable mutual exchange and learning between practitioners by sharing information about different measures delivered in the context of the Youth Guarantee, facilitating networking, and highlighting and building on inspiring practices from across Europe. 

The Youth Guarantee was conceived of as a policy response to youth unemployment. It pitches a Europe in the throes of a youth unemployment crisis. The reality on the ground demonstrates a deeper and wider social crisis. Employment, training and education are of course important ingredients in combatting the social exclusion of young people, but the EU can and must go further. Youth homelessness is rising. The number of young people in housing exclusion or at risk of homelessness is increasing. To date, the Youth Guarantee has not reached the most vulnerable and social excluded in Europe, but it can.

Read this statement to discover how the Youth Guarantee can support homeless youth.