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This roadmap shows how the EU’s Migration & Asylum Policies can help end homelessness. It is one of a series of roadmaps supporting FEANTSA’s campaign Be Fair, Europe – Stand up for Homeless People. FEANTSA is asking EU policymakers to work with national governments, regions, cities and stakeholders to put an end to homelessness by:

1. Making more effective use of existing policy instruments

2. Supporting homeless people in all relevant sectoral areas

3. Monitoring homelessness and benchmarking progress at Member State level

4. Defending the rights of homeless people

5. Investing EU funds in ending homelessness

Protecting newcomers in need is one of the priorities of the European Agenda on Migration. However, no proposal has been been made to address homelessness among migrants and recent EU political initiatives risk increasing migrants’ vulnerability to homelessness. This roadmap explains the current situation & what needs to change for Europe to stand up for homeless migrants. 


Download the EU Migration & Asylum Policy Roadmap