FEANTSA Webinar series

Meeting the needs of Roma in the homelessness sector

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07th December 2023, 11:00 Brussels time

11th December 2023, 11:00 Brussels time

13th December 2023, 11:00 Brussels time



FEANTSA is hosting a webinar series addressed to homelessness service providers working to support Roma communities to exit situations of homelessness and for improving access to adequate housing. Social workers, housing experts and anyone interested on the topic is welcome to join. Please choose your sessions and register to join us in learning more about:

07th of December, 11:00 CET: Overview of the situation with housing exclusion and homelessness of Roma across Europe

·        Marina Csikós - Roma history and discrimination against Roma in Europe: then and now

·        Bernard Rorke - The European Roma Rights Centre –  housing rights denied to Roma across Europe

·        Florin Botonogu - Policy Center for Roma and Minorities Romania/ERGO member – results from ERGO survey on Roma housing 2023

11th of December, 11:00 CET: Exclusion factors and good practices I

·        Marianna Prontera, Cairde, Ireland - Traveller Homelessness/Cairde Infoline supporting Roma in homelessness.

·        Cristina de la Serna, Fundacion Secretariado Gitano – FSG Study: characteristics and circumstances of people living in slum and substandard housing settlements in Spain’ 

·        Sabrina Ignazi, Caritas Ambrosiana, Milan, Italy - Apascial Mobile Unit by Roma Department of Caritas Ambrosiana

·        Representative TBC, Kirkens Bymisjon, Norway - Working with Roma destitute mobile EU citizens in Oslo.

13th of  December, 11:00 CET: Exclusion factors and good practices II

·        Daniel Grebeldinger, Nevo Parudimos, Romania - City level housing programmes for Roma  

·        Katarína Beňová, DOM.ov project in Eastern Slovakia - Innovative Financial and Legal Mechanisms – Better Housing for Socially/Space Oppressed Communities

·        Kumar Vishwanathan, Life Together, The Czech Republic – Housing situation of Roma in the Czech Republic

         Instead of conclusion – discussion among panellists and participants on required tools on meeting the needs of Roma in the Homelessness sector


Online meetings, 1 hour long, on Zoom where interaction will be facilitated.

Why and What?

Taking note of the high risk to homelessness among Roma, services in the homelessness sector have developed an increased awareness on the need to learn about the history of the largest ethnic minority in Europe. Meeting the needs of Roma in the homelessness sector has become a preoccupation among FEANTSA’s membership, organisations who support Roma experiencing homelessness both in the country of origin as well as in host countries.

With this webinar series we aim to raise awareness on the housing exclusion and homelessness that Roma experience across Europe and the specific challenges faced by Roma experiencing homelessness. During the three online sessions we will explore together with Roma and pro-Roma organisations what homelessness service providers need in order to develop a better understanding of these challenges and to better support Roma. Together we will discuss what tools and measures should be developed and implemented within the homelessness sector in relation to ending Roma housing exclusion and homelessness.