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FEANTSA Youth Harm Reduction Webinars

The FEANTSA Youth Network is organising a mini webinar series to promote and share experiences of using harm reduction practices. Join us! 

Harm Reduction & Youth Homelessness
Thursday 20th April, 11.00 CET

This webinar will explore some key principles in harm reduction as a method of working with people experiencing homelessness. We will then frame harm reduction in the context of youth homelessness, and risky behaviours that young people can engage in, this will include a space for participants to share some of their questions about harm reduction and challenges to using harm reduction with youth.

Silvia Busi, GAT Portugal
Robbie Stakelum, FEANTSA

Consumption Rooms & Harm Reduction:
Friday 28th April, 11.00 CET, Register Here

This webinar will shine a spotlight on the use of consumption rooms and harm reduction. Consumption rooms are controlled environments where people can use substances in a safer environment to reduce the risk and harm they do. The first speaker will talk us through the experience of working in a mobile consumption room in Portugal. The second speaker will share some steps and tools to follow if you are interested in opening a consumption room.

Ângela Leite, harm reduction expert, GAT Portugal
Roberto Pérez Gayo, Policy Officer for the C-EHRN Correlation European Harm Reduction Network.
Robbie Stakelum, FEANTSA

Women Centered Harm Reduction
Wednesday 3rd May, 11.00 CET, Register Here

The webinar will focus on gendered approaches to harm reduction. It will explore how social determinants of health such as homelessness, gender based violence, motherhood etc need to be incorporated into harm reduction strategies. 

Aura Roig, Metzineres, Barcelona