Lessons Learnt from COVID-19 Vaccination Campaigns in Europe 

21 October 10h-11.30h Brussels time

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People experiencing homelessness are extremely vulnerable in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that targeted and effective vaccination strategies ensure equitable access to vaccines for the most vulnerable. Last April, FEANTSA held a webinar on COVID-19 vaccination campaigns for people experiencing homelessness across Europe. We are organising a second webinar on 21st October from 10h to 11h30, focusing on lessons learnt from vaccination campaigns in Europe. Our speakers will share experiences from London, Barcelona, Dublin, Brussels and Germany, on vaccination strategies for people experiencing homelessness. 


Annika Maretzki, BAGW, Germany

Prof Al Story PhD, Find&Treat Clinical Lead, UK

Austin O'Caroll, HSE Clinical Lead for Dublin Covid Homeless Response, Ireland

Daniel Roca, EAP Raval Sud / CAS Baluard, Barcelona, Spain

Frank Vanbiervliet, Bruss'Help, Belgium 


If you have any questions or a case study to share, please contact: dalma.fabian@feantsa.org